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Improves Mental Health

Our trainings are interactive and relatable. 

We can even customize a program just for your group!

Every leader, educator, employer, family member, friend & human can benefit from our empathetic training programs.

We offer education for groups

  • live on zoom

  • self-paced online program

  • in-person

our trainings are:

  • evidence based

  • psychologist recommended


Mental Health Intervention Training

Mental Health Intervention is an annual certification course that trains community members intervene in mental health situations and to connect individuals to further treatment.

2 Hour Program Includes the Following Topics:

  • Self-care, self-help and coping strategies

  • Mental health spectrum and stigma

  • Warning signs and symptoms of various mental illnesses

  • Depression, anxiety and panic attacks

  • Mental health crisis: suicide, self-harm

  • Listening, how to help and give reassurance 

  • Mental Health Emergency Action Plan & recovery

  • Forms of professional treatment and support options

This course is intensive and includes discussion questions, interactive activities, Q&A and final test.


Express Training: Self-care & Helping Others

This express training covers personal mental health and how to intervene and help others who are struggling. 

This seminar style program is a brief presentation with optional Q&A.

30-45 Minute Program Includes the Following Topics:

  • Self-care & personal coping strategies

  • Coping with anxiety, stress & panic

  • Grounding/ breathing techniques

  • Peer support / how to help someone struggling with their mental health

  • Forms of professional mental health treatment

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The aftermath of suicide is painful and difficult to navigate. This training validates the sorrow, confusion, guilt and grief that results from suicide and offers ways to cope and process trauma.

30-45 Minute Program Includes the Following Topics:

  • Emphasis of pain and trauma of suicide

  • Common reactions, and intense emotions following this kind of loss

  • Questions we might ask ourselves and have to work through

  • Why individuals take their own lives 

  • Understanding mental illness and the extreme suffering of the individual who takes their own life

  • Mental health stigma’s impact on suicide 

  • Grief, healthy coping strategies & self-care

This program is a cathartic way to support your community after a tragedy.

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ERGONOMICS TRAINING: Body-mind connection

This program emphasizes the connection between our body and mind

Ergonomic health directly impacts emotional health, this programs gives tips on how to improve your posture, work environment, and overall mental health.

This seminar style program is a brief presentation with optional Q&A.

45- 60 Minute Program Includes the Following Topics:

  • Ergonomic health

  • Connection between body and mind

  • Ergonomics impact on efficiency, posture, comfort, productivity, confidence, and mental health

  • How to position our bodies while working

  • Importance of sleep and exercise 

  • How sitting impacts our mental and physical health

  • Recommendations for furniture and tools to improve comfort and productivity


This training builds a workplace inclusive of all people. Diversity & Inclusion training helps combat the risk of discrimination and harassment, improves awareness, increases workplace morale and productivity.

45-60 Minute Program Includes the Following Topics:

  • Value of Diversity

  • Cross-cultural awareness

  • Unconscious bias

  • Avoiding stereotypes, microagressions, and discrimination

  • Ethics, respect and inclusion

  • Confronting bias

This program is a proactive way to promote inclusion in your community.

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Anti-racism/racial trauma training

This program sheds light on systematic racism and  helps individuals move towards anti-racist practices. We encourage participants to lean into discomfort through a lens of empathy.  

This seminar style program is a brief presentation with optional Q&A.

45- 60 Minute Program Includes the Following Topics:

  • Focuses specifically on black individuals

  • Bias & History of systematic racism in america

  • Microagressions & discrimination

  • Confronting bias

  • Coping with racial trauma

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We can build a customized training for your organization's needs. 

Choose from the following topics:

  • Self-care & personal coping (+15 minutes)

  • Helping others (+10 minutes)

  • Mental health professional treatment options (+10 minutes)

  • Suicide & self-harm (+20 minutes)

  • Anxiety & Panic attacks (+5 minutes)

  • The spectrum of mental health & signs & symptoms (+5 minutes)

  • Mental health stigma (+5 minutes)

  • Grief (+10 minutes)

  • Various disorder definitions (+15 minutes)

  • Losing a loved one to suicide (+20 minutes) 

  • Discussion questions (+20 minutes)

  • Activities (+20 minutes)

  • Other (blank form)

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Are you protected?

Training not only increases overall wellness and productivity, training also offers participants protection from mental health related liability.

The Good Samaritan Law is a law that certifies any individual assisting in a mental crisis be protected against lawsuit, as long as their means are appropriate and motivated with good intent.

When we are trained we are more likely to respond appropriately. This course teaches participants how to properly assist in a mental health crisis, which improves mental health outcomes.

Individuals are joining the movement to get trained, around the globe

Be the first in your area! 

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Everyone can benefit from training.

Mental health issues are human, that's why it's important that we are well-equipped to cope.