Get Mental Health Intervention Certified from the comfort of your home!


LEARN HOW TO identify mental health issues and to connect individuals to professional help! Training is virtual and held on video-conferencing software. Attendees will receive a link via email after registration!


Through this virtual course, we educate participants on mental illness, suicidal thoughts/behaviors, by-stander intervention, self-care, self-help strategies, destigmatizing mental illness, and more.


This course is evidence based and psychologist endorsed. All participants will receive certificates upon completion of the course.


Mental Health Topics Covered:

- COVID-19's impact on mental health in general

- Warning signs and symptoms of various mental illnesses

- Mental Health Statistics

- Depression and mood disorders

- Suicidal thoughts or behaviors

- Forms of professional treatment

- Mental Health Emergency Action Plan & recovery

- Self-care, self-help strategies

- Coping mechanisms


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