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It's okay to not be okay!

Mental Health Global Network (MHGN) was founded to normalize mental illness & connect individuals to recovery.

Our mission is to: prioritize mental health at an equivalent level to physical health. 


Our educational programming teaches individuals how to help in mental health situations & how to connect individuals to appropriate treatment.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between community members & professional healthcare providers, to improve responses to mental health in general.

Mental health issues are common, yet people don't always know how to respond with the same urgency & compassion as physical health issues. We want to change that!

  • We noticed that most schools teach physical education yet are lacking education on mental health. We facilitate online Mental Health Intervention Training to teach people how to identify mental health issues and how to connect individuals to professional help. 

  • Most households and public facilities have a physical First Aid Kit on hand, yet are lacking tangible tools for mental health assistance. We provide a Mental Health First Aid Kit with 9 coping tools for anxiety, stress and sensory overload.

At Mental Health Global Network, it is our moral imperative to increase mental health literacy, decrease suicide, combat stigma & spread mental health resources.



Co-Founder & CEO

Juliet Meskers is a leader in the crusade for mental health awareness. She has dedicated her life and career to public speaking and writing on all things mental health. Juliet has personally experienced mental health issues and wants to give hope to anyone who is struggling. 

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Kelly Marzoli

Co-Founder & COO

Kelly Marzoli is a fierce advocate for suicide prevention and mental health reform. Kelly knows the pain of suicide and is eager to make a difference by spreading mental health information, education and resources. Be the change you want to see in the world!

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